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LLC AUDIT & CONSULTING FIRM TOP-AUDIT offers audit services that increase the efficiency of your business due to an accurate analysis of your activities.

To conduct the audit, we form cross-functional working teams, which include auditors, financial and business analysts, lawyers specialized in tax, civil law, privatization, currency law, corporate and labor law.

As part of the audit, we provide legal support and carry out general financial analysis of the company, which can significantly improve the quality of audits.


Since 1996, LLC AUDIT & CONSULTING FIRM TOP-AUDIT has begun the reorganization of its audit process in accordance with international rules and standards.

In 1998, when the program to reform the accounting in accordance with IFRS was adopted in Russia, the specialists of LLC AUDIT & CONSULTING FIRM TOP-AUDIT were prepared to work in accordance with the new standards.

Having extensive experience in providing services in accordance with international standards, the specialists of LLC AUDIT & CONSULTING FIRM TOP-AUDIT stand ready to provide the necessary support to our clients at any time.

Accounting services

LLC AUDIT & CONSULTING FIRM TOP-AUDIT provides a wide range of accounting services.

Our services include:

  • – provision of accounting services;
  • – record-keeping of accounting and tax accounting;
  • – preparation and submittion of reporting documents;
  • – operational advise;
  • – setting of accounting and tax accounting;
  • – restoration of accounting;
  • – formation of accounting policy for the purposes of accounting and tax accounting;
  • – consulting projects on development of accounting policy for the purposes of accounting and tax accounting, document work-flow, internal standards of accounting and tax accounting;
  • – comprehensive analysis of accounting and its integration into the financial and management accounting;
  • – HR accounting.
IT consulting

Optimization and security of information systems

Today, information systems present in every company and go along with every production process. The object and result of the work of the company’s employees is information. Timely audit of IT infrastructure will provide not only a comfortable environment and safe operation of the company, but will also increase profits and reduce expenses.

LLC AUDIT & CONSULTING FIRM TOP-AUDIT has unique experience in project management in the field of automation of business processes, taking into account the specifics of the client’s activity.

Due to our experience in this sphere and highly qualified specialists, we will help you design such information systems that will efficiently and significantly optimize the current maintenance expense.

Provided services:

  • – Development and implementation of automated asset management systems, setting goals for complex or local automation of activities;
  • – Analysis and assessment of the effectiveness of existing automated systems;
  • – Automated information system «Internal Audit», which can be found in more detail by clicking on the link;
  • – Market analysis and selection of automation systems;
  • – Methodological support of automation projects;
  • – The information system model is based on the data processing methodology. Experienced methodologists of our company will ensure that the system model matches your business objectives;
  • – Automation project management;
  • – Development and implementation of automated systems of financial planning and budgeting;
  • – Automation of the transformation and consolidation of financial statements in accordance with GAAP-IFRS. for the purpose of assembling codes of financial support (CFD) in accordance with IFRS, our company has developed a methodological model and a hardware-software solution that is successfully used in state corporations and their holdings;
  • – IT audit;
  • – Building an applied IT infrastructure;
  • – Protection of personal data.

Our approach

We, as technology experts, are expected, first of all, to examine existing IT solutions, analyze technical risks, their possible impact on the business, and as a result, to provide suggestions on how to improve the situation. IT consulting can be represented in the form of developing technical specifications, various types of design, analysis or audit of IT infrastructure and the most difficult – development of an IT strategy.


Unstable and changeable phase has begun for the Global business. Many countries are on the verge of prolonged recession, which could adversely affect the performance indicators of all companies, regardless of their size or turnover. Many companies did not predict and did not expect a global economic downturn, which we have faced, and therefore, such companies may need to adjust their priorities and revise the short-term course to cope with new difficulties.

Experts of LLC AUDIT & CONSULTING FIRM TOP-AUDIT will help you solve a wide range of issues related to the valuation of assets for various purposes, the choice of objects for investment, financial modeling:

  • – Conducting an independent valuation of assets;
  • – Financial recovery and restructuring;
  • – Consulting on credit issues;
  • – Conducting a valuation for IFRS purposes;
  • – Conducting a valuation regarding the allocation of the purchase price.
Management advisory services

Companies grow and develop and, over time, their goals, structure and activities change. The existing management system ceases to ensure the further growth of the company. When a general manager is required to participate in solving all problems, he cannot pay enough attention and time to the strategic development of the company.

To solve these issues, LLC AUDIT & CONSULTING FIRM TOP-AUDIT propose administrative and management advisory services:

  • – Organizational diagnostic, diagnostic of management system;
  • – Strategic management;
  • – Management of business and financial performance;
  • – HR management;
  • – Organizational management;
  • – Corporate reorganization, management of holding structures;
  • – Automation of activities.